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1. A person with rude, clumsy manners and little refinement.

A couple of surprising attacks from Zloyrusskiy on my recent posts. I’m honour-bound to respond in kind.

Your problems with Perl programs is in not so good understanding of the language[sic]. Try to understand it[sic] principles or write your programs in python if deems[sic] more appropriate.

P.P.S. Author of post, Perl is not for you, it requires a sharp mind and intellect (and knowledge of the syntax of course). Write your programs in python and everything will be fine.

Dude, as one of the rare multilingual1 Engländers, I feel fully qualified in saying this: Your English is poor and unidiomatic. Despite this, I don’t say "Stop speaking English. Try Russian mate, English clearly doesn’t suit you". No sir. I hope you’ll improve. The more people who speak English, the better [for me].

You can use your sharp mind and intellect to draw parallels with Perl.

Second example (about numbers) i never used in my life in any language =). I can not even imagine where this might come in handy, so you worry about this.

What do you mean here? You mean you have never used a language that protected you from adding a string to an integer? Python, Lisp, C++, Java (in fact any modern statically typed language) all do this automatically. Which languages have you used?

And you missed my point. I was saying that with subroutines in any languages, you can fix things about that language that you don’t like. I used Perl for the examples, but I could have easily used C or Emacs Lisp, or Python.

Maybe I should be more explicit about what I’m trying to say. Or maybe it’s just you.

I’m perfectly comfortable with the default behaviour of Perl hashes. And sometimes I’m fine with the fact that 1 + 'banana' == 1. But when I’m writing my nuclear reactor software, I like to protect against that type of error.

Thanks for the comments and for providing material for this post.

1. I can also get by in American and Australian


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