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The MuuWiki has a comprehensive review of Predictive which is a module that performs a similar function to predictive text in mobile phones. I’ve been looking for something that will help write posts quicker for a while. Could this help? I suspect the answer is no – thought is the limiting factor, but I’m going to try it out for a while. You can download it here.

Note that when I compiled the .el files as recommended, it took several minutes to compile dict-english.el but it did finish eventually.

Another useful tool to help with the writing is flyspell. It works ‘out of the box’ on Linux. To get it working on Windows, you need some help from Cygwin.

If you scrolling through a buffer by holding down C-n then the buffer frequently jumps as it re-centers. I find this very difficult to follow. This post explains how to fix it. As mentioned in the comments it is more difficult than it sounds.

Making emacs prettier is a common theme (if you’ll pardon the pun). I’ve pointed out a few related posts myself. This one actually convinced me to try out the color-theme package. I tried the emacs wombat color-theme as recommended which I quite liked but so far my favourite is color-theme-calm-forest.


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