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A few weeks ago when I was talking about autocomplete and dabbrevone of my commenters asked if I had tried hippie-expand. My response was no, but I should take a look as it might allow me to input buffer names more quickly which is something I often need to do.

Following the recipe from the emacs wiki, I tried this:

(global-set-key [(meta f5)] (make-hippie-expand-function
                               try-complete-file-name) t))

After some experimentation, the limitation is obvious. I usually want to complete the entire filename including the path but I can’t remember what the path begins with.

The next thing I thought about was removing *Messages* and *Buffer List* from dabbrev-ignored-buffer-names. Unfortunately, I still need to complete from the beginning of the path but this is generally useful so I’m going to keep it. Really, I want to be able to select any part of the filename and complete from that. Sounds like a job for ido.

First I need a method that returns all buffer names and filenames.

(defun get-files-and-buffers ()
  (let ((res '()))
    (dolist (buffer (buffer-list) res)
      (let ((buffername (buffer-name buffer))
            (filename (buffer-file-name buffer)))
        (unless (string-match "^ *\\*.*\\*$" buffername)
          (push buffername res))
        (when filename (push filename res))))))

Then I can use ido to select between them which is perfect.

(defun insert-file-or-buffer-name (&optional initial)
  (let ((name (ido-completing-read "File/Buffer Name: "
                                   nil nil initial)))
    (when (and (stringp name) (> (length name) 0))
      (insert name))))

(global-set-key (kbd "<f2> i b") 'insert-file-or-buffer-name)

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