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Roles vs Inheritance

Some interesting discussion on roles vs inheritance on SillyMoose’s blog (h/t to Planet Moose)

The executive summary:

  • Roles are semantically safer than multiple inheritance because methods from the roles are loaded into the class at compile time and any name clashes are picked up then.
  • Roles cannot be instantiated.

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Capturing a couple of old links so I don’t lose them:

An aside… in my industry, we’re probably not going to be seeing any of this until 2020 or so. We’re still stuck on 5.10 (RHEL6).

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Perl links


Just when I was thinking about web apps another relevant post pops up on Ironman.

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I’m looking for advice on developing a standalone web app for Windows. That is, the server side would be running locally.

So far I’ve got notes on Perl and necessary modules.

  • Strawberry Perl
  • DBI and DBD::SQLite
  • Plack and Mojolicious or Dancer
  • AnyEvent and Twiggy ?

I’m planning to remove MinGW / and the compiler to make the final package smaller.

Here is the list of installation software.

At the moment I’m leaning towards NSIS for no particular reason.

What I’m thinking is that the installation script will check for the existence of C:\Strawberry. Then it will run the Perl it finds there.

  • If it can’t find the directory, it can install it.
  • If the directory exists and the Perl is good, use it.
  • If the directory exists and the Perl is not good, abort with an error message.

Any input welcome.

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(This is just a note for myself).

IPC::ConcurrencyLimit is a handy module for implementing a number of concurrency patterns.

Steffan Mueller mentioned it in a comment on my blog back in 2011. Since then, there have been a couple of articles about it on the Booking.com dev blog

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