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$ date
Sat May 29 18:16:56 BST 2010
$ perl -MPOSIX -le 'print "Week ",
>                         POSIX::strftime("%V", gmtime(time))'
Week 21

My Perl Posts

I have covered a number of topics in the four weeks since my last summary.

Hopefully there was something for everybody 🙂

No Perl5 on the JVM

An interesting one for me: I’ve often wondered why there was only a single implementation of perl5. Reddit linked to a post from August 2009 that more or less answered that question – porting the parser is too much effort for most.

Because of the misleading reddit headline, chromatic followed up and linked to an earlier post he made discussing methods for parsing non-pathological perl examples. He pointed out that string eval and source filters further complicate things.


Is Perl really available on Android?

And, I’m not the only person looking for a perl alternative to Capistrano

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$ date
Sun May  2 09:22:09 GMTDT 2010
$ perl -MPOSIX -le 'print "Week ",
>                   POSIX::strftime("%V", gmtime(time))'
Week 17

One of the differences between summarising emacs news and perl news is that there are many sources of perl news. This makes a good summary more valuable. For emacs news you only need to visit A Better Planet Emacs. For perl, there are hundreds of sources, including:

And many others I have missed.

Eweek Slideshow (Padre)

Eweek has a slideshow with a list of 25 reasons why Perl keeps rising in the enterprise. The interesting points are:

  • it is extensible and flexible, i.e. has good libraries including Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Plack
  • the new release 5.12 has improved unicode and datetime support
  • everyone uses it "used in virtually 100% of the Fortune 500"
  • it is built into all major OSes (apart from Windows)
  • it has good IDE support including Padre – a new Perl IDE and Komodo
  • it is in the top 10 of the TIOBE index (why do people still think that TIOBE is relevant?)

Sam Crawley also talks about Padre so I thought I’d better install it. Conclusion: it is great, but obviously as an emacs fan it isn’t for me. Having said that, if I could customise Padre as easily with perl as I can customise emacs with lisp, I would consider switching.


My own posts have mainly covered AnyEvent.

Other News

Brian kelley decides to stick with Perl over Powershell on windows due to the availability of libraries and examples. (That’s where we beat everyone, no?)

xenoterracide has started a series on teaching perl. Here is the prologue and week 1a and 1b.

Pythian has another perl news roundup.

And finally, one you’ve probably seen on all the news links already. chromatic has a great post on volunteers and civility. It is advice I should often bear in mind myself.

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$ date
Tue Apr  6 20:40:38 BST 2010
$ perl -MPOSIX -le 'print "Week ",
>                         POSIX::strftime("%V", gmtime(time))'
Week 14

Perl Plack

First of all the plack links as that is what I am currently interested in. Note: Most of these links are not from the past few weeks, but they are the best articles that I have found so far on Plack.

I read Simon Cozens on PSGI and Plack several times. I don’t think I get it as well as him yet though.

I’m a lumberjaph has an article on using Plack::Middleware::ConditionalGET Plack::Middleware::ETag to return a 304 Not Modified response when requesting the same ETag twice. I like the idea of getting the Plack infrastructure to do as much of the work as possible – less [personal] coding is better.

My own post on getting started with Plack/Twiggy shows that requesting the handler (with e.g. install Plack::Handler::Twiggy) is the easiest way to get all of the dependencies. This works on Windows with Strawberry Perl. Digging a little deeper, there are a few windows specific issues I uncovered when looking into Plack Auto Restart but a few of these have been fixed since I posted.

Other Windows Web Posts

Windows really is the unloved ugly cousin in the perl world. Alias finds out that Dancer doesn’t work at all on Windows. Alexis Sukrieh followed up with a note that this will be worked on for the Dancer 1.2 release.

afoolishmanifesto talks about using the catalyst dev server on Windows / Strawberry Perl due to problems with building mod_perl. Interestingly one of the commenters suggests a Plack engine.

Finally, I’ve added acidcycles.wordpress.com to my reader. Not only is he talking about Catalyst and templating engines such as HTML::Zoom but he also mentioned building an Emacs site with Catalyst which I will be following with interest – look curiousprogrammer is (or at least was at the time of writing) the emacs featured blog on wordpress!

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