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chromatic says that using Moose or a similar abstraction mechanism is an important indicator of Perl ability.


I’m a 6th level Perlic User. I’m quite capable of constructing my own objects1 thanks very much.

This is chromatic:

Here’s a quick checklist to help those of you writing Perl to determine if you’re capable of writing Perl well:

  • Do you do this?
  • Do you do that?
  • Do you use Moose or another abstraction mechanism from the CPAN?

Okay you got me. I’m quoting out of context. Here’s chromatic again:

You don’t have to answer all of those questions in the correct way to write good and maintainable Perl, but if you answer most of those questions in the wrong way, of course you’ll write bad code.

I don’t know what these 18 items actually indicate, how well integrated you are with the perlective perhaps or how much you code like chromatic, but for sure only 6 or 7 at best are decent indicators of ability to write Perl well. I answered 9 of them in the wrong way and I’m certainly not rushing to correct the deficiency.

1. Having said that, I have used Moose before, and for the right project, I would use it again.


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