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Org Mode

The wonderful Org mode has deservedly been getting a lot of [word] press recently. This is a really great tutorial. There is a nice customization guide at orgmode.org. endperform talks about using it for time tracking and remembering useful tricks. Emacs-fu has an article on generating html with org-mode. ByteBaker talks about using it to organise papers he downloaded and to make a wiki.

My Emacs Posts

I’ve started a series about a light-weight alternative to dired mode. Part two, which will remember locations you have visited previously is on the way.

A quick mention of longlines-mode got a comment about visual-line-mode which is the replacement in Emacs 23 onwards. I’ve switched over and it does seem better. longlines-mode was fairly reliable, but occasionally it would forget that it was supposed to be wrapping words and I would need to disable it and enable it.

Other Emacs Posts

alieniloquent talks about using advice to disable other window is you use the universal prefix (C-u). Nice trick.

Aneesh Kumar has post on switching from vim to emacs, or actually viper. As I use vim a lot, I’ve tried viper in the past but I always found that it made accessing various emacs commands harder (or maybe just different) than it is in vanilla emacs so I always switched back.

Armin Sadeghi says that his two favourite editors are SlickEdit and Emacs.

The big difference between SlickEdit and Emacs is that SlickEdit is commercial software and Emacs is open source.

If that is the big difference, why not just use Emacs?


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