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So Ian Eure mistrusts my code because he thinks I don’t read documentation1. Nice. In fact, I did read that page before I implemented db mode. "Fantastic" I thought, "just what I need".

select count(*)
  from person

And what is the response from emacs?

No SQL process started.

Well gee, so much for the documentation2. At this point I figure that feature doesn’t work correctly and implement my own code, the core of which takes around 10 minutes.

Please understand that I’m not blaming the sql-mode author. It is probably obvious to him (and others) that you need to start the database before you start sql-mode. And I couldn’t help him improve his documentation beforehand either as I didn’t know what the problem was.

1. What is true is that I actually don’t read it particularly well.

2. Yes, I’m aware now that it only works in the opposite order.


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