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Deriving Muse Styles

Following some useful comments from Peter Jones, I now have a better way to publish content for this blog – I can derive a style from html and selectively override the strings I want.

The definition of regex-replace is here.

The Constants

(defconst cur-src-prefix
  (concat "<pre style=\"font-size: 130%; border: 1px solid #bbb; "
          "background: #eee; overflow: auto; "
          "margin: 15px 5px; padding: 5px;\">"))

(defconst cur-code-prefix
  (concat "<code style=\"font-size:130%; "
          "background: #eee; padding: 3px;\">"))

(defconst curious-strings
  (list (cons 'begin-literal cur-code-prefix)
        (cons 'end-literal "</code>")))

Deriving The Style

(defun curious-htmlize ()
  (regex-replace "<pre class=\"src\">" cur-src-prefix))

(muse-derive-style "html-curious" "html"
                   :strings 'curious-strings
                   :after 'curious-htmlize)

Much nicer.

Although as far as I am aware, to get nicely font-locked code for Squidoo lenses I still need to add the extra hook as described in my earlier post. Any correction from muse users would be appreciated.


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