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I came across this old post recently and I’m always a little curious about people redefining their keys so extensively. So what did they lose? They changed C-o C-n C-s C-w C-f and M-s. Well, C-o is open-line – no big deal. C-n and C-f are both movement keys. I guess you could use cursor keys fairly easily (although for me both of those are burned into muscle memory).

C-s is isearch-forward which I, and probably almost all other emacs users, use all the time. However, in this configuration it has just moved to C-f which fits in with Windows terminology (find instead of search). M-s is a prefix key for a bunch of things. The only one I actually use is occur which I call using M-x anyway.

C-w (kill region) is really the only loss. And I’d prefer to have a longer combo to exit emacs just in case I hit it by mistake. Often enough I have scratch-pad work stored in fileless buffers (e.g. *temp*) which emacs would not warn me about if I tried to exit.

Overall this is a pretty radical overhaul of the keys and it doesn’t really break anything. They didn’t make the classic mistake of redefining C-x, but instead used cua-mode. Maybe it is worth considering moving keys around to fit my workflow better. What does eveyone else think?

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