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I’m subscribed to Ironman Perl’s full Atom feed in google reader. Most posts display nicely, especially if they use embedded css like mine (boo – bad practice Jared) 😉

However, it seems as though there is some strange interaction between certain feeds, Ironman and Google Reader. Take a look at this post from Mark Fowler:

Ironman Perl in Google Reader

Everything has been stripped, even the paragraphs and line feeds.

At first I thought it was only feeds burned with feedburner, but it isn’t as simple as that.

Another minor nit: detection of the word perl isn’t done at the beginning and end of the words. Hence, properly would cause a post to show up in the feed, even if it has nothing to do with perl.


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So Why is This Post on Ironman Perl?

Okay, I waded in too fast on Gabor’s post. Sorry Gabor. And you may be wondering who died and made me the Ironman Perl police1. No-one, but riddle me this: why is this WordPress related post on Perl Ironman?

It doesn’t have any perl related tags and neither was it posted in the perl category. I thought that perhaps there was a sneaky mention of Perl in the post. But no, find in page doesn’t pick anything up.

Apart from the blog title that is – Perls of Wisdom. Is the blog title included in the content that is checked for the word perl2?

1. No-one, I promise. In the next post hopefully I’ll be back to the occasionally useful perl snippets.

2. Although I guess it is reasonable not to think of this. Perl is not a dictionary word so you probably wouldn’t expect it in the name of a blog.

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Gaming Ironman Perl

I subscribed to Planet Perl Iron Man in order to read posts relating to perl.

From the original announcement:

The rules are very simple: you blog, about Perl. Any aspect of Perl you like.

And ironman makes some effort to enforce that by subscribing, I will get what I am after by filtering out unrelated posts.

Of course it is very easy to game. But in traditional perlish style, we trust people not to game the system because we asked nicely, not because we have shotguns.

Frankly I have no idea how does this relate to Perl but I need it in the text so the IronMan will pick up the post.

I haven’t either. So why did you force this post which is completely unrelated to Perl onto Ironman Perl?


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