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Why Micro-Benchmark?

I have had some feedback along the lines of why write a micro-benchmark such as Tokyo Cabinet vs Berkeley DB. Everyone knows that:

"premature optimization is the root of all evil"


“The First Rule of Program Optimization: Don’t do it. The Second Rule of Program Optimization (for experts only!): Don’t do it yet.”

That kinda misses the point. Micro-benchmarking is nothing to do with optimization. Its purpose is to avoid premature pessimization due to choosing the wrong technology.

I have a project to replace an existing system where the backing store is by far the biggest bottleneck. The new system needs to be signicantly faster than the existing system and I have a lot of flexibility in choosing the backing store.

The two alternatives that immediately come to mind are.

  1. create a nice abstraction layer that can easily switch between Perl DBI, Redis, Tokyo Cabinet and a bunch of other alternatives… or
  2. micro-benchmark them with something similar to my read/write data profile.

Time pressure unfortunately compels me to choose #2. Maybe it’s time to take a second look at KiokuDB, for inspiration at least, even if I can’t use it directly.


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