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…anytime soon at least.

Searching with Google

So, I’m looking for something I’ve written on my blog. This happens quite frequently – a lot of posts I write are where I’ve figured something out that is useful to me. I write it down in case I need it the information again. Blogs are not generally well indexed so I reach for everyone’s favourite search engine and type…

curiousprogrammer sysread

I’m looking for the post I did on unbuffered reading with perl (back in May it turns out).

And the top link is:

Did you mean: curious programmer sysread  
Search Results

      Read Stream of Input With Perl << A Curious Programmer
      14 May 2010 ... A Curious Programmer. Leveraging Perl and Emacs ... Okay, quite cool, but there is a better solution. sysread is unbuffered. ...
      curiousprogrammer.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/read-stream/ - Cached


Let’s try Bing.

Searching With Bing

We didn't find any results for curiousprogrammer sysread.
We're showing results for curious programmer sysread.

      Sysread - Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

      Blogs about: Sysread ... output irregularly. First it sends "hello ", then waits 5 ... more   A Curious Programmer
      en.wordpress.com/tag/sysread . Cached page
      Perl Streams - Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

      ... output irregularly. First it sends "hello ", then waits 5 ...
 more   A Curious Programmer ... p ... more   Tags: Perl Programming, unbuffered input, input stream, sysread
      en.wordpress.com/tag/perl-streams . Cached page

Okay, not really. It’s only even picking up the links on wordpress.com because I tagged it so well. Maybe it needs a bit more help.

site:curiousprogrammer.wordpress.com sysread

Er, no.

We did not find any results for site:curiousprogrammer.wordpress.com sysread.
Were you looking for: sys read site:curiousprogrammer.wordpress.com
Search tips:

    * Ensure words are spelled correctly.
    * Try rephrasing keywords or using synonyms.
    * Try less specific keywords.
    * Make your queries as concise as possible.

Why Does it Matter?

My website is pretty small. I get 3000-6000 readers per month, and I doubt that many of them are uniques. I probably have a core of around 200 regular readers. I don’t get a lot of referrals from google. To be honest, I think I’m okay with that – I like the conversation from regulars and I can’t be bothered to moderate a lot of spam or put the effort into getting popular.

But, and it’s a big but, my website has a lot of useful stuff on. And there are tens of thousands of other small ‘unpopular’ sites with lots of useful stuff on. If I’m searching with Bing, what am I missing?

You might say that this only happens because sites like wordpress notify google when there has been an update so it knows to come along and update it’s cache. Well, sucks to be Bing, but in that case it doesn’t even look like the gap is going to close.

I’m going to stick with google.


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