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In no particular order…

Speed or memory usage are sufficiently important C++
You’re a Windows shop or you hate Java C#
You are writing a GUI and you’re allergic to Web Apps C# (or Java)
You think in threads Erlang or Golang
You like Lisp Clojure or Racket
You’re a web consultant PHP/Javascript
You prefer dynamic typing to static typing Perl, Python or Ruby
Else Java

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I’ve been feeling hard done by with the Python folks talking down Perl and all this time apparently it’s been us Perl guys who think Python is a crippled toy.

… And I went off and read about nested functions (or the lack thereof) in Perl and understand why limited lambda seems like a crippling blow to Perlistas.

I’ve never seen anyone say that Perl is a superior programming language to Python, because of limited lambdas, deliberately restricted recursion or anything else.

Good humoured ribbing aside (depending on where you sit I guess), I believe that Perl and Python sit at approximately the same level on the language power continuum. I mean, they’re similar enough to be two different people’s take on the same underlying language (I kid, I kid!).

I do think that Perl is strictly more powerful than Python (with e.g. parser flexibility, symbol-table hackability). However, in most cases this additional power isn’t something you need. The main places I can think of where it has been used legitimately is where stuff that is built-in to Python has been added by Perl at the library level.

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Capturing a couple of old links so I don’t lose them:

An aside… in my industry, we’re probably not going to be seeing any of this until 2020 or so. We’re still stuck on 5.10 (RHEL6).

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